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I am excited to share that my first online course experience is finally available to the public! This comes after more than 20 years of training and working with global nonprofits and mission driven businesses. While I have always believed in the power of in-person training, I now see the potential for online courses to complement and enhance the work we do together. My hope is that this course can contribute to the incredible work you are already doing.

Video sessions

Over 20 years of in person training experience now available on demand for you and your team.

resource downloads

Get access to reporting templates and material developed across dozens of global organizations.


Take my communications assessment and discover and reflect on how you are currently doing.


Get access to one on one coaching for you or your team. Let me help you unpack the topics in this course and strategically apply them to your context.

This course really helped me get the correct perspective on the importance of communications and the foundational principles that make your team effective in it, Daniel has a great way of connecting the dots to practical experience making it quite simple to understand.

Abrie Van Wijk
YWAM Medical Ships Australia

There is a lot of valuable insights and resources that come with this course. The session on building a foundation of feedback was my favorite. I would highly recommend any person to take this course to improve on communications, sales, marketing and understanding CRMs.

Taylor Stutts
The Send, Director of Mobilization


For Individuals



What you get:

  • 5 Main Video Sessions
  • Communications Assessment
  • Session Notes & Reflection Questions

For Your Team



For Individuals

For Your Team


12 Month Course Access
New resources and bonus sessions will be added in the future.
5 Main Video Sessions
Over 1 hour of video teaching content.
Communications Assessment
Monthly Reporting Template Download
Reporting Benchmark Calculator

One on One Coaching

Free 30 Minute Session
Additional Coaching Sessions
Available to individuals upon request for additional cost.
In-Depth Goal Setting & Benchmark Session

Frequently Asked Questions
Why have you made this a paid course?

When I set out to create this course I didnt want it to just be videos that you consume. It needed to be so much more. It really is the culmination of 20+ years of nonprofit work that I believe has the potential to grow and serve more organizations than ever before. This will take investment and already has. I don't see this as a money making opportunity and plan on reinvesting every dollar from this first version back into improving this platform and experience.

Do you offer a nonprofit discount?

After working with nonprofits for 20+ years I understand this question needs to be asked. This course is specifically designed for nonprofits and is priced accordingly. Though if cost is prohibitive in any way or if you already work with me please reach out. I would be more than happy to work something out.

My business is not a nonprofit, can I still take this course?

Absolutely! So much of this training has been built off foundational communications principles that I have applied to working with all kinds of clients over the past decade. So whether you are an individual or business I believe the content in this course can add value to what you are doing and help you spread your message. Really the vision is that it would serve those of you with mission driven businesses. Whether it is structured as a nonprofit or not really should not make a difference.

Are there refunds?

Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with the value gained from this course I would be more than happy to refund the cost within 30 days of purchase. I believe in the content and value your feedback along the way.



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