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After 7 years spent dedicated to youth work in the nonprofit sector I began diving into the world of digital marketing and social media. I was able to take my experiences working closely with young people and have been able to understand in a unique way this digital generation and the mediums they use to communicate. In recent years I have had the incredible privilege to travel around the globe collaborating with both businesses and nonprofits to see greater impact in this noisy digital age.

Social media and the web is changing at a blistering rate and the noise that young people encounter is deafening. So how do you have any hope of getting your message heard by those who need to hear it? George Bernard Shaw so eloquently put it when he said “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”. My passion when I work with you is to not simply add you to the crowd but instead guide you into an effective conversation with your audience. A conversation that takes you towards accomplishing your world changing vision.